Automatic Transfer Switches

A generator is the first step in ensuring that your home has continuous power during a utility outage, the second is an automatic transfer switch. The automatic transfer switch is the electrical panel, permanently installed adjacent to your home’s main circuit breaker, that connects your generator to your home’s electrical circuits.

The automatic transfer switch monitors the incoming power supply for electrical failure. Once a true interruption of electricity is recognized, the transfer switch enables your generator to provide emergency power. Then, when power is reestablished it switches back.

Automatic transfer switches are available in a variety of styles to provide, based on your needs, essential circuit coverage, managed whole house coverage, or complete whole house protection. We carry and install Generac automatic transfer switches that offer the options you need to have the best back up power system possible.

MI Generators has the automatic transfer switches you want, and the knowledge and experience to expertly install it. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an installation.