Generator Benefits

Why Invest in a Whole House Generator?

A high quality and properly installed generator is a great investment. Our whole house generators are completely automated, so even if you’re out of town, you will have peace of mind that your generator will kick in and keep your home running smoothly. Additional generator benefits include:

  • Restores power seconds after an outage is sensed, so you’ll never lose power
  • Can operate indefinitely using natural or propane gases
  • Ensures power to household appliances and electronics including

    • Furnaces & air conditioners
    • Ovens, stoves, & microwaves
    • Refrigerators & freezers
    • Private wells (water for drinking, cleaning, bathing, & sanitation)
    • Sump pumps
    • Medical equipment (CPAP, O2 concentrators, Asthma nebulizers, etc.)
    • Telephones & cell phones
    • Television, cable/satellite, & internet services
  • Completely automated, turns on or off automatically
  • Quiet operation without fuel fumes or carbon monoxide

Contact us today to learn more about generator benefits and how a whole house generator can work for you.