Never Lose Power

Losing power can be an extremely frustrating experience. When there is a power outage it feels as if the entire world comes to a halt. Suddenly the things that you do every day, things you take for granted like going online and cooking dinner, are impossible. Even worse, power disruptions affect things that normally go on unnoticed like sump pumps and pipe heating elements, causing burst pipes and flooding.

Never Lose Power Again

An automatic standby whole house generator will protect your home even when you’re not there. The unit will turn on when a power outage is sensed, protecting pipes from freezing and basements from flooding. With a professionally installed generator you have peace of mind that, no matter the weather, you’ll have electricity when you need it most.

Automatic standby whole house generators ensure that you will never lose power again. MI Generators is your source for high quality generators and expert installation, contact us today for more information.