Reasons to Invest in a Whole House Generator

Why Invest in a Whole House Generator?

When we think of electrical outages, the first thing we think of is sitting in the dark, but power failures affect so much more than just your lighting.

  • Communications - Without electricity, cordless phones are non-functioning and cell phones cannot be charged.
  • Cooking - Power outages render microwaves and electrical ranges useless.
  • Refrigeration - Frozen foods can only last 24-48 hours without electricity. Refrigerated foods spoil even more quickly.
  • Climate Control - Electrical failure prevents you from protecting your home and family from the elements, leaving you vulnerable to the freezing cold of the winter or the sweltering heat of the summer.
  • Private Wells - Millions of Americans, who get their water from wells, lose their access to clean water when there is a power outage. No water means no way to wash dishes, take showers, or even flush toilets.
  • Home Medical Equipment - Life sustaining equipment such as oxygen concentrators, nebulizer treatments for asthma patients, and CPAP machines for sufferers of sleep apnea all require electricity.

Whatever your reason to invest in a whole house generator, we have the experience and training needed to perform high quality and professional whole house generator installation; contact us today.